All about life with a Dylan…



We spent Easter with the Bridgers this year, since they are our local adopted family. Dylan loves to do the Easter Egg hunt, even if his OCD-competitive Mom is yelling, “Come ON, Dylan, the other kids are getting all the good stuff!”. Dylan is so laid back with certain things, the stress of the other kids to get all the eggs first had no effect on him at all. I wish they could bottle that for me.


Dylan’s First Class Trip.

Dylan was so excited! On February 25th he had his first class trip with his other three and four-year old friends at school. He got to ride on the school bus for the first time, and then bounce all morning long! What a happy and big boy!



I was chopping veggies to make homemade pizza for dinner, when Dylan called me into the living room. He said “Mommy, come see the TV and the train, come on!”

I thought he saw a toy he wanted, but when I got there I saw this. They are the pieces to his new number puzzle, all facing backwards and in order like a train. Any ideas?


Our First Warm Day.

Dylan asked to go outside first thing this morning. Now that he is three and knows that there is a whole big world of fun to be had outside, there is no keeping him in the house. It’s been  a long time since I took some great photos  of him, and he was completely charming and happy today, so it was an easy task.




We even ate our lunch outside!


Dylan’s First Big Snowfall!

Ever since his grandparents bought him a bank, Dylan tries to help out as much as he can to earn more money to save. Here he is, shoveling the walkway for the first time at three years old. The screen capture is from




Big Boy Haircut.



Completely Potty Trained!

Well, it actually happened.

After all the aggravation, sweat and tears, Dylan has taken the next step into manhood. And it happened exactly the way everyone told us it would happen. A week ago, he looked at us and said, “Gotta poop!” and ran into the bathroom and shut the door. Dylan loves his privacy while in the bathroom, and is very independent. So we let him do his thing while we waited outside. As soon as he finished, he yelled to us that he pooped, and we went in to praise him and give him lollipop. He gave us a big smile and told us he was a big boy now.

It has been a week, and Dylan has not looked back to diapers on pull-ups once. Whenever he has to use the bathroom, he goes all by himself, and then tells us when he is done. Looks like he will be moving into a new classroom at school soon, which means on-site swim lessons and field trips! Yay Dylan!

Last Post of 2008.

Well, 2008 has been a crazy year. Lots of ups and downs, mostly downs, and lots of disappointment and reality checks. We can only hope for a brighter future and a happier 2009. The good news is that Dylan is completely out of the Terrible Two’s, and we are free of the temper tantrums, the screaming and his complete refusal to listen to any of our directions. We now have a curious, energetic, affectionate, bright, creative, extremely handsome young boy whose goals in life are to learn everything he can, ask tons of questions, and to please Mommy and Daddy whenever possible. Dylan is also at a new daycare that he adores, and he loves his new teachers and all of his friends at school. We never realized how he was being held back before, until he got into a such a wonderful, warm, nurturing atmosphere.

Just for fun, here is a photo of Dylan on New Year’s Eve 2005, just a few days after he was born.

Baby Dylan

Family Dinner Party for Dylan’s Birthday.

Can't wait to eat the Coldstone cake!

Cake time!


Make a wish!

Make a wish!



Dylan is three!

Dylan is three!

Josh and Austin enjoying the cake

Josh and Austin enjoying the cake

Opening a gift with friends

Opening a gift with friends

All the boys          
From left to right: Josh, Matt, Austin, Kieran, Nate, Timmy, 

Matthew, Dylan, Sean and Jake.