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Well, we spent the long three day weekend planning our next trip. First it was a trip to Vega$ for the whole family. But then we considered that I may be pregnant in the late spring, and it wouldn’t be comfortable for me to walk up and down the strip. Plus, during my first pregnancy I was beyond exhausted in the sixth month, and in bed by eight every night. So we decided to go earlier in the winter, like February, and head to the warm Caribbean Sea and relaxation on the beach. We are also looking at Europe, but there would be a lot of walking there too. We’ll probably end up in Mexico, which will mean Dylan will get his first plane ride!



Well, Dylan has been taking karate classes for 5 weeks now, and seems to like it more and more. His instructor is really patient and knowledgeable, and adds some great stretches and core training into the lessons. Dylan earns a new stripe in his belt every week, so he also gets a feeling of accomplishment when he does well. It’s great for his self-esteem, and to learn respect and self-discipline. I can actually see his balance and strength improving each week.

Back from Grandma’s

Dylan came home today, from his long weekend at Grandma’s house. We spent the afternoon decorating the house for Halloween. Dylan was such a good helper, and did a lot of the work himself.

When Daddy got home from doing some food shopping, we decorated the front of our house. It looks very cool.

Tonight I read Dylan his new book “I Need My Monster”, about a little boy whose regular under-the bed monster goes on vacation, and the boy has to interview new substitute monsters. Dylan really enjoyed the book, and passed right out when it was done.