All about life with a Dylan…

New Daycare Update.

Yesterday, I got a note asking how to help Dylan transition from a desired activity to a non-preferred activity. Not too hard, the minute countdown usually works.

I spoke to Dylan’s teacher Miss Jenna, to see how Dylan is progressing. She said she is having no problem with him at all- he actually gets on his cot, and stays quiet, and naps for her with no problem. There are no problems with his behavior or anything. But she said in the afternoon after she leaves, the late aides are having trouble transitioning him into activities- for instance it took 20 minutes to get him off the playground the other day. She wanted to know what to tell them, and I told her to use the countdown method with him, it always works. We let him know when he has 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and so on.

Also, she said he wants to eat with his hands but no fork. She said he will do everything else with his fork including poking the kid next to him, but not eat with it. So I guess I have to stop giving him chicken fingers and help him eat correctly. Bad full-time-working Mommy. 


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