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Grandmas Always Get Lost.

Chris had a meeting today, so Dylan was brought to school for the first time by his grandparents. We wrote down directions for them, and printed a map, but we knew they’d get lost. His school is hard to find, even for us. Anyway, Grandma took a wrong turn on the way to school, and Dylan throught it was hysterical. He kept yelling, “no, Grandma, wrong way! You missed the school! NO school today. We’re lost, you lost the school!”.  I think they finally got there, and then he had to show them how to find his classroom as well. I am sure Dylan loved the game of having to show Grandma where to go.

I told him, “Grandmas always get lost!”


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  1. Grandma

    Let me set the record straight. Dylan told me to make a right turn which I didn’t do and then he told me I was going the wrong way and needed to turn around. He then told me that “I lost it”, meaning the school, I hope. Then when I asked directions, he thought he needed to chime in and asked the car next to me which way his school was. Okay, so then I finally find the school, and made the ultimate mistake of trying to park in the wrong place. Dylan would not hear of it. He yelled, grandma, do not park here, it is dangerous. Little did I know that I was parking in the bus zone. There is a first for everything and this was the first time that I had a back seat driver that was only 3 1/2 giving me directions and he was right to boot!

    July 22, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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