All about life with a Dylan…

Updates Galore…

Well, after hibernating for several months (actually, most of the winter) we will be updating this site regularly again. Dylan is enjoying his summer completely. He is in a speech program to help with his “Dylanisms” (I’ll post about those soon too, he is swimming like a fish, and loves to be outoors doing anything. We have some vacations coming up in August and September, and I am going to be away for a few weeks for a business trip, so things are always moving at 90 MPH around here.

If anyone has some tips for the weeks I will be in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for the weeks I am away, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I will be updating this site as much as possible, and adding all the posts from the original Poopersonline blog, but they date back to early 2005, so it might take a while. I plan on working on this while I am away since I will have no distractions…


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